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I couldn't do this without all my wonderful clients. Thank you all for the referrals and kind words. Most of all, thank you for letting me be a little part of this exciting time of your lives. 

-- Amanda Dula, Owner

I had my appointment with Amanda when I was 15 weeks 4 days and she was absolutely amazing. I will recommend ANYONE to her. She is gentle, and patient and super sweet. I had the best experience.  

-- Leaha Higgins

I would recommend this place over and over again! Amanda is so kind and extremely patient. We are so excited that we finally know the gender of our little one. The office is super clean and very relaxing! We also left with so many wonderful pictures and a disc with all the photos she took during the session. I am super impressed and I will definitely be going back later in our pregnancy for more 3D photos! :)

--Shainia Jamerson

Well worth the drive for us. We got some amazing images of our little one, so glad I went even though I was nervous it wouldn't go well since I was 35 weeks. Very patient with my little one who likes to keep her hand in front of her face and doesn't like being poked and pushed. We are amazed looking at our baby's face! Loved the environment very relaxing and calm. Have shown our photos to everyone! Highly recommend going even if this is your first, second or third baby!!!

--Katherine Sarah Robinson

My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Amanda's service. She was kind, personable and have a wonderful environment. What stood out to me was how she welcomed anyone who came to the ultrasound with us. She did a great job and we highly recommend her business! Thank you Amanda for you're wonderful work.

--Luke Norris

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